How much money is being raised for the Fistula Hospital?

We have to this date run three successful Quilt Aid programs and raised approximately $20,000 Australian Dollars for the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital through the various Fistula Organisations in each country.

Can I buy just the patterns?
The patterns are only being sold from the 6 participating stores in each country and include the fabric kits and any other supplies required. Each store has made up their kits and inclusions for their allocated block.

Why are the block kits different prices?
Each store has set the price of their block kits by calculating the cost of actual supplies included in their kits. As each block has different requirements every kit is a different price.

Do I have to purchase online?
All participating stores have a secure online webstore to make your purchasing experience easy and fun to do in your pyjamas! However, if you live close by or wish to visit any of the stores you are welcome to purchase your kits over the counter also.
Should you not like to purchase online you are also free to phone to arrange your purchase.See the Checklist for all contact details.

Do I have to purchase every pattern and a finishing kit?
We have no way of ‘making’ you purchase every kit but we hope that you will wish to do so to give your full support to our designers, stores and to our Charity.

What information will be collected during the ordering process?
Your customer details will be collected by each store when you purchase your blocks and may be used by them according to their privacy details as listed on their individual websites.

If you register on this site for future mailings and information your details and information will not be sold, shared or distributed to any other party. Information collected will be solely used as a means of communication between yourself - the registered party, and the Quiltaid Administrators for the purposes of communication regarding the program.

How long will the patterns and kits be available?
The patterns and kits will be available whilst fabric stocks last or until 28th Feb 2012. This will particularly limit the number of finishing kits available so purchase early so you don’t miss out on your favourite kit. You can purchase all 12 block kits and your finishing kit on the same day if you like, or spread them out over the four months. Kits are strictly limited as fabric stocks cannot be guaranteed after the initial order.

Where do I purchase the block kits?
You need to visit each of the 6 participating stores in your region to purchase your full set of block kits. Use the Checklist page to assist or click on each block on the home page to go directly to the corresponding website where you can immediately add your kit to your shopping cart. Don’t forget to look around to see what else is on offer at each store!

I don’t want to miss out but cannot afford them all at once, what can I do to ensure I don’t miss out on some of the blocks?
You can make contact with each store to discuss possible arrangements with them - they are all willing to oblige.

How much of my purchase price will go towards the charity?
Each designer has allocated a portion (0 – 100%) of their profit from the sale of the pattern to the charity. Each store will donate a portion of every pattern sold to the charity. Lets all make a difference by doing what we love, making a quilt!

Can our quilt group purchase a set of patterns and make a quilt to raffle?

Yes but your group needs to purchase a complete original set of pattern kits to make the quilt. These patterns must not be copied or shared with group members other than to facilitate the making of the raffle quilt. Please acknowledge the designers, the QuiltAid program and our website links on any advertising or marketing material you produce. Of course it would also be lovely if a portion of the proceeds you make from your raffle went towards our charity but this is not compulsory.

How do I put a Quilt Aid badge on my blog or website?

Quiltaid Australia

You can right click/copy the badge image from here and link it to http://www.quiltaid.com.au/
Or use the following html code to add it to your sidebar

Quiltaid Europe

You can right click/copy the badge image from here and link it to http://www.quiltaideurope.com
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Quiltaid USA

You can right click/copy the badge image from here and link it to http://www.quiltaidusa.com/
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